Why Invest in Art? Impressionist Art Demonstrates an Excellent Return!

It seems that every year you learn of a painting selling for millions of dollars at an auction. Why would someone pay $50 million for a Piccaso? Is it to own an original masterpiece? Or is it the fact that time has proven fine art to be an excellent investment.

Statistics have shown that fine art can yield a significant return over time. In fact there is an actual index for art appreciation called the Mei Moses Fine Art Index. What it shows is no surprise to art connoisseurs. Fine art holds its value better than some stock market favorites which sometimes fall to almost nothing. But fine art never becomes worthless!

Additionally, while stocks have struggled to recover from the recent recession, the 2010 mid year report from Mei Moses showed that Impressionist and Modern works of art have increased on average 17.7%. Fine art has increased in value significantly in recent years because in uncertain economic times, investors see more stability in a "hard" asset such as fine art.

So is fine art a good investment? Absolutely! The numbers prove it.